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Sunday, 6 March 2011

One man's trash is another man's treasure!

It's been a tough few days, i've had alot of obstacles to overcome, but nevertheless i have reached the other side, and have flourished because of them. My work for this project now has a path with a light at the end!

My theme is 'Eco Revolution', and after first thinking 'Wow! I could really get into this one!' i endured a few problems, with how to come to an end submission for Ceramics, yet be eco friendly in the process, seeing as using kilns aren't very eco friendly at all.

For textiles and jewellery i got really excited at the thought of making some jewellery out of recycled materials or using plastic bags to weave or coke cans to make a necklace!

I settled on using 'throw away objects' to make my art, such as cans, packaging, paper, plastics etc. I came to a few hurdles in trying to develop my ideas further but still trying to make the objects look unique and special rather than a piece of rubbish. Let's face it, not everybody has the nack to make a grubby, crushed coke can into somethign wodnerful! And i am certainly experiencing this right now!

Now, after a few dark days, i have come out on top with a 3 piece mould of a drinks can fully made in ceramics, ready to start slipcasting next week. I think i shall be entertaining the idea of a decorative wall piece incoorporating throw away bits n bobs from around the kitchen/home, showing what could be done with products after you have finished with them rather than throwing them away so hap-hazardly.
And for my textiles/jewellery collaboration i have stumbled across a golden idea, through exploring other materials, of melting bottle plastics in a certain way, that they curl and twist in unexpected ways and give the most amazing sculptural forms! Now, i am mixing these forms with silver (and possibly other materials) and beginning to embark on the design process journey. Soon i will have little gemstones of work that scream class and high-end market, yet are really only made out of recycled bottle plastic! Well i hope, i shall update you on that one soon.

One man's trash is another man's treasure! :) x

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